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Curu Gray (granite)

Curu Gray (granite) The Petrographic kind of a stone: a granite.
The Site of a deposit the Curu Gray: Finland. Sow and granite processing the Curu Gray it is carried out on manufacture companies PetroMramor in Vsevolozhsk.
Physicomechanical properties: Average density of 2660 kg/m3, water absorption of 0,11 % of weight, strength at compression 300 МPа, strength at a stretching, 24,5 МPа, Hardness 6,1.
Features of appearance: a granite the Curu Gray has fine-grained structure. Color of a granite - gray.
The Scope: facing materials for facades, a granite tile. The invoice of a facing tile: polished, glossy, thermoprocessed. It is applied at manufacturing of ladders and steps, internal facing Walls. In internal interiors the Curu Gray it is used for creation granite window sills.

the Granite the Curu Gray polished
Granite the Curu Gray the polished

Curu Gray (granite)

Slabs of granite, Kuru grey heat-treated
The Kuru Grey granite polished
Procurement of sawn granite, Kuru grey