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Production steps from granite ( whole)

Ladders - the most important functional and at the same time decorative element in any structure. The strongest and most reliable material, both for open spaces and for interior with large crowds of people, is granite. Long service, ensured by low abrasion, frost resistance and unpretentiousness in maintenance - this is the quality for which this natural stone is so valued. A staircase made of granite will decorate any building or landscape. Granite for steps is the oldest material that has been tested for centuries.

In our wide range of natural stone steps there are also granite solid steps (massive or thick), as well as all the necessary accompanying products for arranging stairs, such as {up.smart_type.nav244 }, interior and exterior pillars.

Solid, massive steps , they are also - steps from blocks are thick parts, cut out of their solid stone, and ready for installation. Collect them easier and faster. They form the true eternal stairs for use in places of large flow of people: in the subway, in parks, in shopping and entertainment centers, in medical centers, at train stations. They, as a rule, are used in the decoration of embankments.

Granite steps made of solid stone will always look like a single array and will not lose aesthetic appeal. While the ladders executed by a facing method, in case of poor-quality laying of plates by not qualified assemblers, can over time suffer in case of their detachment. Examples of illiterate work with an expensive stone can be seen in the photos below.

Surface of granite steps, including whole (or thick steps) should ensure the safety of operation at any time of the year and in any place, therefore, especially for outdoor use, its surface it is processed by thermally or method of encasing , which makes the steps anti-skid. In rooms with a large number of people, surface treatment, in addition to the above, can be ground or sawn.

Such steps from blocks can have any geometry. Solid steps can be rectangular, rounded, with a complex configuration. The walk may have a removal over the riser - rectangular, rounded, with a profile. All these parameters, as a rule, are set by the project since, basically, massive steps are carried out by us under the order of any sizes and types.

The dimensions of the steps of marble and limestone do not differ from the dimensions of the granite steps. In the Russian climate, external marble stairs are not so common, but in the interior the possibilities of this beautiful rock are used entirely. A rich color palette invariably provides the embodiment of any design ideas. The surface of the tread is made, as a rule, glossy or polished.

Limestone stairs will last a long time and faithfully, both outdoors and indoors. The pleasant, cozy shade of this rock will make the stone porch of any house warm and welcoming in any weather. Limestone is durable and at the same time easy to process, which affects the affordability of its products.

The price of massive steps depends on the chosen stone, configuration and amount of work. More details on the link Price massive granite steps

To buy whole steps of granite from us, you can make a preliminary application by filling out the form on the website, or call managers.

To help determine the optimal solution that is appropriate for your home, if necessary, develop our granite porch project from solid steps by our staff designers and architects. Contact us!