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Buy blocks of yellow, red, pink and gray-brown granite from a warehouse in St. Petersburg

Blocks of yellow, red, gray, pink and brown granite from the wholesale warehouse
In 2014 in St. Petersburg PetroMramor Company opened its first warehouse in Russia granite blocks. The purpose of opening in St. Petersburg the warehouse is to provide fabrication companies in the region trademarks granite blocks for the Russian market new fields that extend the range and color gamut of products.

Predominance in the range of many companies in the industry average gray granite decorative limits the choice of designers and planners , and in some cases makes it impossible to implement many architectural projects.

Company PetroMramor organized delivery to warehouse Vsevolozhsk deposits of granite blocks gray, yellow, red, pink and brown from the master developer of Kazakhstan granite quarries , which is Kazgranit Corporation.

Advisability of expanding the color gamut of the materials used , and analysis of raw material prices was discussed in detail on pages article The price of granite blocks.

All granites are from Kazakhstan to the building materials of the first group of radioactivity and can be used for residential and public buildings without restrictions.

Granite Zheltau -2 has a uniform pattern of saturated medium- yellow color with a golden hue and is vysokodekorativnym natural stone.

Currently massively used for the manufacture of fittings , window sills , countertops , columns, interior decoration , facades of buildings , memorials and works in road construction.

Due to its high decorative , relatively low cost and availability of commodity raw materials in large quantities , granite Zheltau actively competes in the market with Russian and foreign analogues stones yellow and beige tones Brazil and India.

Granite Zheltau yellow -2 during 2013 was used in large volumes PetroMramor processing plant for manufacturing products for many construction sites in St. Petersburg and Moscow, including a memorial to the Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich , interior finishes Troparyovo metro station of the Moscow Metro and other facade and interior works.

Zheltau Zheltau -1 and 3 - is fine-grained granites of bright pink and red with a uniform pattern and rarely occurring veins.

Due to the low radioactivity of granites Zheltau apply without restrictions for all types of building and architectural products , including the manufacture of kitchen countertops , stairs, window sills, monuments and memorials . During 2013 granites Zheltau -3 and Zheltau -1 were applied PetroMramor plant for interior decoration of the lower church Catherine's Cathedral in Tsarskoye Selo , sexes and monasteries of Valaam monastery refectory and other important facilities.

According to its characteristics of strength and decorative red granite Zheltau is an analogue of the famous granite Balmoral Red (Finland) has a first group of radioactivity , it is cheaper and has been successfully used for the production of paving slabs , curbs and landscaping . Also Zheltau red granite is an alternative to red granite Syuskyuyansaari , once very famous and are in high demand in the market of ritual items , but is currently unavailable for use due to the lack of mass market commodity units.

Buy blocks of yellow, red, pink and gray-brown granite from a warehouse in St. Petersburg

Wholesale warehouse in St. Petersburg sells granite blocks from Kazakhstan
Company PetroMramor exclusive dealer and partner of the Corporation Kazgranit
Stock price in St. Petersburg includes granite blocks on career
Arrangements for delivery of granite blocks in St. Petersburg can now PetroMramor
Economically feasible to buy only top grade blocks
Analysis of prices on granite blocks from the warehouse in St. Petersburg performs LLC PetroMramor