Prices of blanks for granite monuments

The stone processing plant of the Company "PetroMramor" offers cooperation to organizations and specialists in the field of stone processing. It is no secret that in our 21st century, with the presence of CNC machining centers, the price of complex granite products the cost of manual polishing, artistic carving and finishing finishing can increase the price of the final product many times. However, these expensive types of work, a specialist firm or an individual entrepreneur engaged in stone processing can perform independently at their own production, placing an order in the Company "PetroMramor" for the production of blanks that have undergone primary processing of a given quality of finishing on the factory stone processing equipment. This allows you to focus on the field of activity that is specialized for a specialist or organization in the field of stone processing or installation of natural stone products, giving the solution of tasks that are not peculiar to it to outsourcing for a price that is almost always less than the costs would be if you independently solve this problem manually.