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Zhalgyz (granite)

Zhalgyz (granite) The Site of a deposit of Zhalgyz. The Zhalgyzsky deposit (the site №5) is located in Mojynkumsky area of Zhambylsky area of Republic Kazakhstan. Распил and granite processing Zhalgyz is carried out on manufacture Companies PetroMramor in Vsevolozhsk.
Mineralogical structure (%): a plagioclase 25, potassium feldspar 37, quartz 28, a biotite 7.
Physicomechanical properties: volume weight of 2520 [kg/m3], water absorption of 0,14 %, porosity 1,08 %, To rub 0,28 [g/sm2], strength at compression (МPа) 115 [kg/sm2], frost resistance of 50 cycles.
Features of appearance: the granite of Zhalgyz has coarse-grained structure and largely spotty drawing. Primary colors of a granite gray-pink and henna-red, a saturation - 0,49 % of the basic background.
The Scope. The basic application of a granite the decorative. The facing tile is made of a granite of Zhalgyz in the thickness of 20 mm. Usually the invoice of a surface of a granite tile the polished.
Structure of a granite of Zhalgyz polished