>Изделия из камня

Fountains, natural stone

Fountains since ancient times - is a decorative design of the water source. Nowadays, stone, granite and marble fountains, having ceased to be mainly sources of drinking water, remain important decorative elements in a wide variety of interiors - in shopping centers, offices, hotel hallways, private houses and estates, as well as in the open air: , park and garden landscapes. Building fountains from year to year is gaining popularity. As a beautiful fountain not only decorates the space, which is now its main task, but also speaks of the good taste of its customer and owner.

Stone fountains can be of various shapes, sizes, dimensions and types. Our stone processing plants are staffed with highly qualified personnel, equipped with all necessary equipment from the leading Italian manufacturers for the manufacture of all shapes and parts, of any degree of complexity and elaboration for the fountains of marble and granite.

Like other small architectural forms, fountains are interior and street, are made of any size: desktop, small, large, huge. In terms of sophistication and planning, stone fountains can be concise, complex - whimsical in plan, multi-tiered, using carvings, sculptures, cascades.