Processing a stone natural

="Processing "PetroMramor" carries out manufacturing and installation of products from various grades Granite properties and application and Marble properties and application such as window sills, regiments, steps, table-tops, fireplaces, mosaics and so forth

Besides, we make under the individual order manufacturing difficult толстомерных products, any small architectural forms, columns, балясин, a handrail for interiors, external furnish, landscape works.

all products made by us can be mounted experts "PetroMramor", including packing of a plate and performance of mosaic works.

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Delivery of granite blocks (raw materials for manufacture).
Unloading of blocks, granite Letnerechensky.
Slabs a granite and marble for window sills.
Facing by a natural stone of an inlaid floor.
Facing of a socle by a granite.
Processing of an end face of a granite table-top.
Semifinished products of marble window sills.
It is sharp granite plates on object.
Sawing a granite and marble.
The manual is sharp fireplace details.
Milling of a granite column.
Milling of granite plates under fixture.
Accuracy control it is sharp details from a natural stone.
The machine tool sawing.