>Мрамор свойства и применение

Marble properties and application

The marble name is connected with the Greek word marmaros that designates a stone shining, shining. Marble formation as rock it is connected with crystallisation and метаморфизмом dolomite and sedimentary limestones. Under the influence of chemical processes, a heat and pressure, sedimentary and magmatic breeds have turned to a new kind of rock - marble. In structure of the marble having a calcareous basis quartz proveins or "veins" that distinguishes this grade of marble are observed.

Marble consists basically of minerals кальцита or dolomite. On colour marble are conditionally subdivided on grey, white and colour. Grey marble differ the best durability to environment influence, have layered structure and more often are used not only for internal furnish, but also external facing of walls and facades. The basic difference of white marble consists in absence of impurity. White marble is plastic and easily gives in to processing. The palette colour marble has a wide spectrum and covers shades from pink and yellowish to is dark-greenish and black tones. Distinctive feature of colour marble is presence in structure of a stone of proveins or so-called "stone veins" which cause value of colour marble.

on physical and chemical properties marble, as well as the granite is durable, racks to differences of temperatures, possesses high moisture resistance. At the same time, marble is more fragile material in comparison with a granite. Marble represents a decorative finishing material and known application in sculptural works differs the plasticity and the art advantages, found. Thanks to polishing, marble gets rich colour gamut and various structure of drawing.

Taking into account environmental conditions, a grade of marble and polishing degree, marble can be used both for internal, and for external furnish and has perfectly proved as a facing natural material. Marble application is covered rather by a wide range of products and appendices from manufacturing a facing tile> before sculpture sculpturing. Of marble do fireplaces and marble table-tops, benches and vases in parks, fountains and pools, marble ladders and columns, window sills from marble. Products from marble possess special beauty and will create the most refined interior, thus, the big list of technologies and processing kinds a natural stone allows to make products of marble comprehensible and accessible on to the price: Stone prices.

Crema Valencia marble
This is Crema Valencia marble.
The following sample of marble Marble Blanco Canaria.