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Table-tops from granite

For manufacturing of table-tops from a natural stone the most popular are a granite and marble. Table-tops from a natural stone will enrich and will decorate any interior. As high durability and moisture resistance do such properties of a granite and marble by their fine material for manufacturing of table-tops and dimensional plates (window sills). The granite possesses magnificent natural properties and doesn't need additional protection against mechanical damages, aggressive substances and to household chemical goods influence, and acts as a traditional material for manufacturing of kitchen table-tops and bar counters. The surfaces polished to mirror shine from a granite look exclusively elegantly.

The most widespread kinds granite concern gray, black and red-brown granite, extracted on deposits Russia. Really, natural palette granite is much more various. From Europe, Italy, in particular, on the Russian market and ours manufacture arrive set granite various color scale. The Russian customers, mainly adhere to classical perusal of a stone - the warm and sated tones, such as, golden Cashemir Gold Madura Gold, Giallo Veneciano dark brown (Indian Brown).

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Some examples of our products:
Table-top and wall of the panel from granite White Galaxy
Table-top granite. The granite name - Imperial Gold
Kitchen table-top in the course of manufacturing. Granite White Galaxy, Brazil
The polished bar counter from a granite
Table-top granite a gabbro-diabase
Table-top from granite Madura Gold, India
Table-top kitchen from granite Imperial Gold, India and the panel from marble Crema Valencia, Spain
Table-top for kitchen from a granite
Table-top in a bathroom from granite Absolute Black India
Table-top from a granite Dymovsky
Table-top kitchen from granite Colonial Cream, India
Table-top under washstands from the Gabbro-diabase with glue
Polished granite countertop Atlantic Cream, manufacturer of stone Brazil