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Fireplaces and chimney, granite and marble. Production, installation, design and engineering.

The hearth fire has always been symbolic of comfort, harmony, peace and prosperity in the house. In a modern home there is no need to use for heating and cooking, open fire, but the man still attracts and fascinates the living fire, and houses and apartments are decorated stoves and fireplaces, which are decorated with natural marble and granite.

The fireplace is, above all, the energy center of the home, the gathering and uniting of family and friends, giving warmth and comfort. The fireplace is a Central design element that sets the tone and General atmosphere of the composition of the room in which it is located, hence the importance of the choice of design and decoration fireplace. Most often, fireplaces, fireplace portals, predtopochnyj (prolamine) plates, mantelpieces and other details of wall fireplaces are made of natural marble and granite, because it is a natural stone that most fully allows you to create a feeling of safety, inviolability, prosperity and dignity of the luxury of the interior, thus making it harmonious and natural. Thus, modern technologies and equipment with high quality to embody the most complex and highly artistic design solutions at an affordable price.

Marble fireplaces are the most popular. Marble is a traditional stone that was used to decorate houses from ancient times, marble carved fireplace for many centuries been a traditional adornment of the interior, testifying to the wealth and taste of the owner. One of the facts confirming the prestige of fireplaces and their important role in the creation of luxury interiors is the fact that not being able to set a working fireplace, customers install a fireplace decorative. Due to the ease of processing, the carving of marble at a cost much cheaper than similar work performed by granite and other durable species. The variety of varieties of natural marble offer a wide selection of colors and patterns when choosing the material for the fireplace. Modern stone processing equipment is able to manufacture separate elements of carving on marble and granite and the fireplace in General, with high precision and quality at an affordable price for the customer. Milling of planes and terrain of fireplaces in stone production LLC "Petromramor" carried out on highly modern Italian equipment that provides the minimum deviation from the specified dimensions. Finish fitting the elements of the fireplace and polishing is performed manually by highly skilled craftsmen, which ensures a high degree of quality control and attention to detail.

Fireplaces made of granite with the use of carving is much less common. Most common veneer granite fireplaces, fireplace mantel and prolamine slabs of granite. It is connected both with tradition and with relatively greater price carved fireplaces made of granite. Granite processing on today's hardware is more labor intensive, and generates large compared to the cost of marble. While there are examples of manufacturing fireplaces made of granite without carving. Typically, these fireplaces are designed by designers, consists of a massive externally of large blocks, sometimes even with "broken" surface in the style of "wild stone".

Fireplaces and chimney, granite and marble. Production, installation, design and engineering.

The marble fireplace of Statuario Venato - Statuario Venato (Italy)
Decorative fireplace made of polished Italian marble in the interior
Elements of a fireplace of polished marble before Assembly