The prices on sawn-chipped granite paving stone

The company "Petromramor" produces on its own stone processing factory in St. Petersburg all kinds of chopped-sawn granite paving stone for paving: sawn-chipped from the slab and stab-sawn from "pencil" in all possible options of split.

Buy sawn-chipped granite paving stone from slab and plate.
Sawn-chipped granite paving has sawn the bottom face, the top face is sawn heat treated, the sides of the puncture (in the manufacture of plate can meet sawn). The company's warehouse has a large range of colors of chopped-sawn paving stone is produced as a by-product in the manufacture of paving slabs, facing slabs, small architectural forms and other large-format products. The greatest demand is sawn-chipped paving stones with dimensions of the front surface of 100x100 mm and a thickness of from 50 mm to 100 mm. the Front surface of the pavers termoobrabotannyj the roughening that provides the best grip shoes in wet weather, and prevent pedestrians falling. As a byproduct of the production of basic products of granite, sawn-chipped from slabs and slab, granite paving stone has a low price, making it affordable to most consumers. In this regard, the rates quoted are for sawn-chipped paving, manufactured as a by-product and currently in stock.

Note: Prices for sawn-chipped paving stones, manufactured according to individual requirements may differ from those listed in the table below.

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