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Sawn granite paving stone production and sale

"Petrographer manufactures a complete list of materials from granite for paving and improvement: granite paving stone, granite slabs, paving stone, paving tiles, granite curbs. Granite paving stone is divided into the stabbing paving, sawn paving, sawn-chipped granite pavers.
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Sawn granite paving stone is the parallelepiped small area (typically up to 0.03 square meters) of granite, whose upper and lower surfaces obtained by cutting, with the front side can be further subjected to heat treatment, bouchardeau, grinding, polishing, polishing or water (Aqua) processing. To cut the pavers are usually referred sawn paving, which all sides sawn and chopped-stabbing (from slab) paving blocks, in which two or four sides split. The vast quantity of sawn granite paving stone is made of rectangular and square shapes, but there are also exotic species sawn granite paving stone square shape in the projection of the front: diamond-shaped, trapezoidal, triangular, etc., Is the pavement even with the "lock" to lock with the adjacent elements of the packing to prevent possible shifting of the pavement relative to each other. To denote a species of granite paving stone, some manufacturers of products made of granite and marble apply their own abbreviations and classification. So, sawn granite paving stones are also called CMP - stone small sawn and chopped-stabbing from slab paving referred to as SN - stone piece chipped or MCPS - small stone from saw timber.

Sawn granite paving stone is a relatively young material in mass construction and landscaping. If the use of sawn paving stone dates back several millennia, the history is full-sawn and chopped-sawn granite paving stone gets hundreds of years. For the manufacture of paving blocks used durable types of natural stone, mostly granite. Technology development sawing of granite and lowering the cost of this process to the level that the price of sawn granite pavers allowed to use it in a mass construction occurred in the 20th century. In the second half of the twentieth century has seen a massive introduction of technology diamond sawing and gradual fall in the price cut, first of all, granite, diabase, quartzite and other hard rocks. This is due to the fact that the emergence of technologies for synthetic diamonds have sharply reduced the price of the diamond tool. For sawn pavers exactly the cost of sawing is the most important parameter in determining its price. For example, for a 1 meter square ready sawn paving stone size 100x100x100 mm it is necessary to make 6 square meters of sawn surfaces.

Sawn granite paving stone production and sale

Paving stone granite Ladoga, sawn and heat treated size HH mm
Sawn paving stone (CMP) of gray granite Revival on low prices from the manufacturer
Sawn paving stone from red granite Carmen Red
Sawn paving stone from slab (chopped-sawn) of granite St. in the packaging in stock
After laying of the sawn-chopped "pencil" granite pavers   joints are filled with sand.
Sawn-sett (SN) of black gabbro-diabase Another River size HH mm
Stone of a piece of sawn (SN) from Dymovsky of granosyenite heat-treated (cobblestone)
Sawn paving stone grey granite Revival size 240х125х80 mm
Sawn (SN) granite paving stone heat-treated Revival of size 100x100 and 100x200 mm
Sawn-chopped (from the bar) granite pavers can be laid with minimal joints
Buy pavers sawn-stabbing granite Dymovsky at producer prices from a warehouse
Chopped-sawn granite paving stones from the bar has a top batters and smooth side surfaces