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Facing tile

Facing tile Tile from natural marble and a granite have found the big application for facing and decorative furnish of facades of buildings. Magnificent прочностные marble and granite characteristics allow to protect perfectly as facades of buildings from external influences, And internal interiors from a natural stone from influences mechanical. A facing tile and products from a granite and marble are practical and durable. On beauty and a variety of drawing, riches of color shades it is difficult to find a material similar to marble. Marble facing is magnificent and gives individuality to interiors. Company "PetroMramor" offers a wide choice of a facing tile as standard sizes, so tiles executed on individual orders. ATTENTION! If it is necessary for you quickly and it is free to calculate facing from a stone, fill the short form the forward ordering.

The Prices for separate kinds a granite tile "Vozrozhdenie" and "Tan Brown" are presented in section stone Sales.
The prices on: out of a format the business rests of a granite and marble, fight of a granite tile, thickness from 20 mm. the price: 300 roubles for sq. meter. Color of a granite - light gray, black, wet asphalt. Sale is carried out with an industrial warehouse in Vsevolozhsk. Delivery is provided.

Always on sale a facing tile of the standard sizes:
- 305x305x10;
- 300x600x20/30;
- 400x600x20/30;

Granite tile Vozrozhdenie, thermoprocessed 600х600х30
Plate a granite Kamennogorsky glossy in the size 600х600х30 mm
Plates facing granite deposits of Kashin Gora.
Facing by a granite tile polished 600х600х20, Imperial Red and Nero Impala.
Tile facing in the size 300х600х20 mm, deposit Vozrozhdenie.
Plates facing a deposit gabbro-diabase Drugoretsky.
Plates facing deposits from a gabbro-diabase Other River.
Plate a granite Mansurovsky glossy in the width 600 mm
Tile from a deposit granite Ladoga glossy in the size 400х600х40 mm
The polished tile in the size 400х600х40 mm from a deposit granite Ladoga
Tile facing glossy in the size 600х600х30 mm from a deposit granite Kamennogorsky
Strip from a granite the Vozrozhdenie in width of 600 mm
Plate front from a granite Mansurovsky
Plate in width of 600 mm a granite Dymovsky - a deposit Baltic
Tile for a socle granite deposits Mansurovsky
Tile facing from a granite Kamennogorsky
The grinding of tile 300х600х20 mm from a granite Dymovsky
The grinding of tile in the thickness of 30 mm from granite of Kashin Gora
Plates thick from a granite Mansurovsky