>Гранит свойства и применение

Granite properties and application

The name of a mineral a granite has occurred from the Italian word grnito, that is granular. The granite represents magmatic rock and is one of the most widespread minerals of earth crust.

the granite basically consists of quartz, калиевого feldspar, sour плагиоклазов and micas. The volcanic nature of a granite causes the form of making inclusions in the form of granules of the various size and colour. The most widespread colours of a granite is grey and grey-bluish shades though there are such colours as red and pink, bluish-green and orange.

the granite has excellent прочностные physicomechanical and chemical properties, and represents a magnificent material for furnish and facing of facades of buildings and constructions. The granite is steady against external influences and compression, resists to aeration and moisture penetration, temperature drops. Facing and products from a granite are almost eternal that is to no small degree connected with thousand-year activity of natural powers. Durability of a granite - the best guarantee as to a building material. At the same time, the granite well gives in to polishing and polishing, and only on plasticity concedes to marble . Thanking these qualities materials and products from a granite are strong, beautiful and are highly appreciated among natural minerals. As the facing material a granite is widely applied to furnish of socles, facing of walls of facades, packing of a floor of entrances and main entrances.

except building and facing materials of a granite make Steps and ladders and steps , floors and plinths, a handrail and table-tops , chess and coffee tables, racks and bars at restaurants. Thus, the big list of technologies and processing kinds a natural stone allows to make products of a granite comprehensible and accessible on to the price . A granite it is possible to look at the illustrative catalog more low:

Atlantic Cream
Atlantic Cream
Following: Colonial Cream

Installation of a granite table-top

Эксклюзив продукции из камня:

Memorials & monuments
Steps and ladders
Window sills
Table-tops from marble
Window sills from marble
Steps and ladders from a granite