>Отечественный гранит

Catalogue of Domestic granite

Now in mining branch of Russia functions more than 100 mountain enterprises extracting a natural stone. As a whole on the country some thousand domestic deposits of a facing stone are revealed and registered. In structure of the reconnoitered stocks prevail Marble properties and application and мраморизованные limestones (about 50 %), and as Granite properties and application and others strong breeds of eruption (about 40 %).

the Greatest concentration of deposits of a granite and other strong breeds is necessary on Northwest region where they are dated for east part of the Baltic board. Deposits granite on Karelian isthmus in Leningrad region where are allocated pink-grey granite deposits Vozrozhdenie (granite), grey and pink-grey granite deposits Kamennogorsk (granite), pink-red granite deposits Borodino (Sajrala). In Priozersk area of Leningrad region some deposits decorative red-brown granosienite accustom: Baltic (granosienite), Irinovsky, etc. In territory of Kareliya, the basic part of deposits of a granite is concentrated around northern coast lakes ( Ladoga (granite) ). Other part of domestic deposits of a granite in Kareliya is dated for east Prionezhju where draw attention pink-brown and red-grey granite of deposits Kashin Gora (granite), Vanzhozero, etc.

the Source: Prirodokamennye resources of Russia, 2004, Moscow

are More low presented some samples domestic granite which are used on ours Manufacture in Vsevolozhsk.
Granite of a deposit of Kashin the mountain, thermoprocessed.
Granite polished, a deposit Ladoga.
Deposit Ladoga, a granite thermoprocessed.
Deposit Ladoga, the polished granite.
Deposit granite Ladoga, polished.
Thermoprocessed granite of a deposit of Kashin mountain.
Granite polished, a deposit the Vozrozdenye.
Granite of a deposit the Vozrozdenye, polished.
The polished granite of a deposit the Vozrozdenye.
Granite Dymovsky (Baltic), sawing.
Gabbro-diabase of a deposit the Premiere (Kareliya), thermoprocessed.
The polished granite, deposit Dymovsky (Baltic).
Sawing a gabbro-diabase of a deposit the Premiere (Kareliya).
Deposit Dymovsky (Baltic), a granite polished.
The polished granite of a deposit of Kashin Gora.

Installation of a granite table-top