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Prices of granite blocks: analysis, decoding, comments

The price of granite blocks from the warehouse in St. Petersburg
In recent years, the Russian clearly facing stone , new trends , sharply increased the demand for new types of vysokodekorativnyh granites , the consumption of which is growing from year to year. Market production of natural stone are entering the new stone treatment companies, and "old-timers" industries are increasing production capacity.

During the implementation of a number of major public projects for repair and improvement of parks and gardens , the creation of pedestrian areas of the city of Moscow, repair of embankments , restoration of urban parks and sidewalk repair coverage in St. Petersburg and other regional centers of Russia , the need for products for paving, paving granite slabs, curbs and small architectural forms has increased dramatically.

Currently stoneprocessing slightly ahead in its development production units facing stone , and during the annual summer construction boom capacities of many enterprises with orders in reality long idle due to lack of quality raw materials. Demand for granite blocks increases much faster than existing career increase production volumes. The current situation is due to shortage of raw materials primarily complex tectonic conditions of occurrence of rocks of the Baltic shield , high operating costs, heavy mining conditions. As a result, the profitability of enterprises developers is very low, despite the high demand for granite blocks.

Deficiency of granite blocks on the raw materials market is compounded
Summer begins , and granite quarries built a string of cars for loading . Raw question comes to the fore . "And would be happy to do so no raw materials " - the most common answer kamneobrabotchikov builders in the summer.

Deficiency of granite blocks on the raw materials market is also exacerbated by the fact that the largest career relate to holding companies own kamneobrabatyvajushchee shop. During rush such a career in the first place have to ship the granite blocks on their own factories, and third-party enterprises capable to assume the scope of work for the production of stone, but do not have their resource base, idle without raw materials.

Due to the limited color palette of granite mined in the Northwest Russian Federation relating mainly to the gray- pink color scheme with two group of radioactivity , and therefore limited in scope, the ability to implement architectural solutions using domestic and small stone.

Facing stone quarries Russia and Ukraine developers widely used method for separating explosive monolith from the array because of its relative cheapness . Explosion method violates the integrity of the structure of the array increases its fracture , reduces the percentage of output of commodity blocks of rock mass . Furthermore, the use of explosive method for separating and cutting monolith impairs strength and performance properties of the rock , and its products.