Prices of granite approximately, substandard, faulty granite slabs, granite waste

The company "Petromramor" sells granite about produced at our own production facility in Vsevolozhsk. Granite about also called marble granite slabs, granite fight waste granite slab, granite slabs battle or breccia. This plate chipped, trim plates, broken plates, plates are not completely out of workpiece and so on. These slabs or parts of slabs can be sawn sides and part of the stab, or to have all sides of the stab.

All such plate as their education, in the process of production of the main products of granite, collected and packaged on pallets or in boxes. Especially sorting by thickness, surface texture and colour of granite is not performed.

However, in the production of large quantities of products constantly produce large amounts of homogeneous granite okola (the battle of granite slabs). The buyer may always in stock to choose suitable according to thickness, surface texture and color of granite packaging granite packaging or substandard. Specifically granite about is not made, sold only in full packages, sorting is not performed.

Buy granite approximately, substandard slabs of granite, please contact sales Department of the company our company Contacts.

The collected sub-standard plates and large cutting of slabs of granite (granite about) is sold for 400 rubles. per square meter (including VAT 18%) including packing and loading customer trucks.

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- Granite approximately, substandard Granite approximately, substandard slabs of granite