Prices for finished granite steps and stairs

Stone processing company "Petromramor" offers to buy ready granite steps 30 mm thick granite of different colors. Selection of finished granite steps is the best option when you need in a short time and at minimal cost to clad your existing stair treads and risers.

Buy ready granite steps has.X30 mm by 1 500 rubles. per meter. Standard stairs have a width of 350 mm and 400 mm and heat-treated surface. Color and deposits the proposed granite steps: grey cast Rebirth, light grey Mansurov, dark grey Kamennogorsk, red-brown Dymovsky (Baltic), black gabbro-diabase Drugoretsky from Karelia, red Zheltau-1, Zheltau yellow-2, gray-pink Zheltau-9 (Zhalgyz), Ladoga pink, green, Baltic green, Baltic brown, brown, red, Carmen Red, Karelia Red, Eagle Red, Balmoral Red, and many others. Large amount in stock ready granite steps allows you to choose the required set length or order a trimming for the desired length of the steps.

If necessary, our specialists can perform additional processing of the edges and the forehead steps, apply a facet to my profile on the side of the tread to penetrate the "drip edge" or cut the level of complex shape.