The price of finished balusters and products for balustrades

In the company "PetroMramor" you can buy ready-made granite and marble baluster of your own manufacture of various types, colors and sizes. And also the railings, the bases for the balusters, the intermediate and corner pillars (curbstones).

The choice of finished balusters made of natural stone at low prices, and other accompanying elements to create a guard of the staircase or balcony is the best option when it is necessary in a short time and at minimal cost to give the building a finished, rich and stylish look.

Standard balusters made of granite have a polished texture, and if you wish, you can order a balustrade with a heat-treated, sawn or glazed texture.

The availability of ready granite balusters in the warehouse allows you to select a suitable kit for the required price and order a pruning to obtain the required height of the balusters at no extra charge.

Buy balusters from granite in height from 700 mm to 820 mm at the price of 8720 rubles. per piece .

Also we will produce for you, on an individual sketch in the shortest possible time, balusters, balustrades made of natural stone according to your drawings, preliminary making 3D visualizations if necessary.

To buy balusters or balusters wholesale or retail with delivery in Russia, it is enough to leave an application on the site, or call us on the phone. With our managers you can discuss all the necessary conditions for ordering balusters and get a free consultation. Having arrived to our office, it is possible to look at our products and get samples of stone.

We guarantee high quality of products, reasonable prices for balusters and other products made of natural granite and marble and comfortable conditions for cooperation!