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Deposit Zheltau 2 yellow granite

Petrographic type of stone: granite.

The location of the field: Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhambyl region, Moiynkumskiy district, plot No. 2 Zaltauskas granite massif in 74 km North-West of the village of Mirny.

The company leading the development of a career: LLP "Company CAGRANA".

Office in Russia: For the convenience of consumers of Saint Petersburg, Leningrad region and adjacent regions, in St. Petersburg (Vsevolozhsk) acts warehouse blocks of granite deposits Zheltau No. 1 Red Zheltau No. 2 and Zheltau Yellow No. 9 (Zhalgyz) grey with total units of more than 1.500 cubic meters. the Warehouse belongs to the Company "Petromramor", which is a strategic partner of LLP "Company CAGRANA" on the implementation and promotion of granites from Kazakhstan in the North-West region of Russia.

Mineralogical composition: microcline-perthite – 58%, plagioclase – 15%, quartz 20%, biotite – 5%, Muscovite – 0-2%, olivine – 0 - 2%.

Scope and method of extraction: extraction Volume is formed based on the needs in blocks, and currently can reach up to 3.000 m3 units per month. Production blocks Zheltau-2 is produced by diamond sawing discs in combination with baroclinity method without blasting.

Effective specific activity of natural radionuclides: I class. Granites of the I class can be used without restrictions in all areas of construction, for residential and public buildings and constructions, manufacture of interior items and decor, urban and landscape improvement, laboratory benches and other items made of natural stone.

Features: Granite Zheltau No. 2 Yellow has a medium-grained structure. Granite color yellow with yellow-greenish, gray, brown and black inclusions. Contaminants in the form of small dark spots are rare.

The scope: Zheltau Granite-2 Yellow is used for the manufacture of all kinds of natural stone products: slabs, wall boards, road construction products, including granite paving stone and side stones (also called paving kerb, road kerb, granite curb), massive steps and treads with risers for lining the stairs, pedestals and monuments, kitchen countertops and aprons, sills and flows, urban sculpture and small architectural forms (safs), balusters and railings balustrades, parapets and embankments cabinets and much more.

Technological features: Granite Zheltau-2 Yellow well accepts all kinds of processing. During diamond sawing is characterized by moderate cutting speeds and moderate wear of the diamond tool, and a well-polished and thermoablative. The splitting behavior is quite predictable, which enables good yield to produce chipped stone blocks, plates invoice rock and other chopped products. We supply blocks I (more than 5.0 m3) and II (from 2.0 to 5.0 m3), including possible delivery of the long and large blocks.

Deposit Zheltau 2 yellow granite

Granite Zheltau-2 Yellow flamed
Granite Zheltau-2 Yellow polished
Granite Zheltau-2 Yellow buchardirovannoy (spot treatment)
Cabinet, railings and balusters are of polished granite Zheltau-2 Yellow
The pedestal of the monument is made of polished granite Zheltau-2 Yellow
Ready granite steps of Zheltau-2 Yellow a width of 350 mm and thickness 30 mm thermal
Facing slabs of polished granite Zheltau-2 Yellow in stock in St. Petersburg
Manufacturer of balusters and other bodies of revolution made of granite Zheltau-2 Yellow
Complex three-dimensional decorative elements of yellow polished granite Zheltau-2 Yellow