>Месторождения гранита

Tokimemo mountain (granite)

Petrographic kind of a stone: granite.

Location field: Russia, Republic of Karelia, Pudozh district, village shalsky (river Vodla).

The Company, developing career: OOO "Phoenix".

Note: the Granite deposits of Mount Tokimemo in appearance, decorative and physico-mechanical properties very close to granite Kashin Gora (NAV=43). These deposits are located on small distance from each other. The similarity of properties and characteristics due to their related nature. Due to the fact that at this time (February 2016) mining granite Kashin Gora is performed and the developer does not have reserve blocks of this Deposit, in many architectural projects in which initially as the main natural material was laid granite Kashin Gora, it is replaced by granite Mountain Tokimemo.

Minerals: quartz – 31,8%, plagioclase – 40,2 %, microcline – 22,4%, biotite - 5%, magnetite – 0,6 %, anorith 0.4%, and epidote – 0,03%.

Scope and method of extraction: Industrial development career began relatively recently, therefore, production has not yet stabilized. The method of extraction is nonexplosive. Separation the monolith from massif is made of the cable sawing with subsequent cutting baroclinity method.

Effective specific activity of natural radionuclides: I class. Granite Mountain Tokimemo on the level of specific effective activity of natural radionuclides is permitted to use without restrictions in all application areas of natural stone. The last test for which data is available to date show that Aeff.- $ 174 Bq/kg. Download the test report

Features: a Granite "Mountain Tokimemo" is characterized by a porphyritic medium to coarse granular structure. The color of the granite "Mountain Tokimemo" refers to brown tones. There are black stains characteristic of gneissic rocks, but less than the "Cascina Mountains".

Application: Granite "Mountain Tokimemo" is just beginning to be widely used in construction and decoration. This durable granite with good decorative properties, with no restrictions in the use of radiation factor. Granite "Mountain Tokimemo" suitable for the manufacture of paving slabs, facing slabs, including "ventfasadov", pavers, steps and staircases, kitchen countertops and window sills, fountains, fireplace lining, slabs and other natural stone products.

Technological features: Granite Mountain Tokimemo is tough enough, with a high content of quartz. Sawed at slower cutting speeds and increased wear on diamond tools. Granite is well polished and thermoablative. Has a pronounced cutting direction. Blocks the manufacturer proposes to supply to all categories of units, including I (over 5 m3).