>Месторождения гранита

Surtas (granite)

Petrographic view of the stone : granite.

Field Name : Maikul

Trade name: : Surtas

Location of the deposit : Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhambyl region, Moinkum district

Company leading development of a quarry : LLP "KAZGRANIT".

Representation in Russia : PetroMramor LLC is a strategic partner of the manufacturer of gray granite blocks, Surtas. In the warehouse of PetroMramor LLC in St. Petersburg (Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad region) there is always a large reserve of blocks of the Surtas field. In addition to the granite of Surtas, there are granites of the quarries of Zeltau No. 1 red, Zheltau No. 2 yellow, Zheltau No. 9 (Zhalghyz) gray and Kurtinsky brown in total more than 1,500 cubic meters. granite blocks from Kazakhstan.

Mineralogical composition : Pyroxene 25-32%, plagioclase 57-72%, potassium feldspar - 2-9%, quartz <5%, others <3%.
The volume and method of extraction : The quarry is new and mining is carried out periodically, depending on the demand for blocks and available customer applications. Up to 3.000 m3 of blocks per month. Granite is mined without the use of blasting.

Effective specific activity of natural radionuclides : I class - 119 Bq / kg (without restrictions, including for the construction and finishing of residential and public buildings and structures). Download the test report .

Features of appearance : Granit Surtas has a fine-medium-grained structure. Color - light gray. Separately, sections of granite massif with light gray-beige color can be developed.

Scope of application : Granit Surtas gray according to the results of physical-mechanical and radiological tests can be used without restrictions in all areas of natural stone use in construction and finishing. High decorative properties allow to make kitchen countertops, window sills, facing plates, pedestals and monuments, railings and balusters, small architectural forms and other decorative and finishing products. And the affordable price of the blocks makes it rational to manufacture from the gray granite of Surtas such thick products as paving slabs, side stones (curbs or curbs), chopped, sawn and chopped granite cobblestones, embankment lining, curbstones, parapets and much more.

Technological features : Granit Surtas has a soft, but pronounced preferred direction of cutting. It is well polished and heat treated. It is sawed quite easily, without the increased wear of the diamond tool.

Download test report for granite Surtas

Granite sourtas gray heat-treated
Granite sourtas gray heat-treated
Granit Surtas Gray polished
Granit Surtas Gray polished
Granit Surtas Gray busharded   (point processing)
Granit Surtas Gray busharded (point processing)