Stone prices

This section provides current pricing on a variety of natural stone products, especially granite and marble. Recent price changes - 01.12.2015.

When selecting a material for construction and decoration, creating interior design and architectural solutions of the building and the facade, the price of materials and products is one of the most significant factors. In this regard, it is important at the stage of selection of natural material and design to gain an understanding on the cost of materials and products. In this case, specific prices of products from granite and marble demonstrate that the myth of their high cost and unavailability at the price to the consumer is untenable.

Also actual pictures posted in the section, facilitate the work of suppliers and consumers, who are already selected material. Check prices for non-standard products not listed in this section, the price of natural stone products according to individual drawings or sketches, to clarify the availability of products in warehouse or manufacturing period, obtain the necessary consultations on the selection of materials from natural stone, material properties, rules of operation and installation, please contact the sales Department of our company is "Contacts".

The section presents current prices and relevant price lists in rubles per square meter, linear meter or per piece (piece goods) modular granite slabs size (300; 350; 400; 500; 600 mm) x (300; 350; 400; 500; 600 mm), strip (300; 350; 400; 500; 600 mm) x (arbitrary length) indicating size of the coefficients for slabs 600x600 format, (300; 200) x 200 mm (100; 200) x 100 mm and other custom sizes, a thin facing plate thickness of 20 mm and 30 mm plates of large dimensions, the paving slabs of granite, chopped and sawn-chipped granite paving stones, window sills and kitchen countertops made of granite and marble, not edged strip blanks and granite with thicknesses of 20 and 30mm, slabs their own making and imported granite and marble of thicknesses 20 and 30 mm polished, sawn, sanded, polished and heat-treated, large-size workpiece made of granite for monuments, pedestals and small architectural forms (IRF), fireplaces of marble and granite, mosaic marble, finished granite steps, massive (solid) granite steps, balustrades, balusters and railings granite and marble, granite columns with flutings, business remains of sawn and polished granite and marble, non-conforming waste, parings granite and marble, granite, nature granite and marble, overall of crusts and crust gabbro-diabase, the prices of production of stone products and prices of granite blocks Gelaw-1 Red Zheltau-2 Yellow, Zheltau-9 (Zhalgyz) and Mansurov. For complicated non-standard products and billets examples with prices. The cost of blanks other thicknesses, sizes and custom products are calculated individually by the specialists of the sales Department of our company. Sale of natural stone made from stock production areas of the company Petromramor in Vsevolozhsk.

We recommend you to pay attention to prices of products from granites Zheltau-1 Red, Zheltau-2 and Zheltau Yellow-9 Jalgyz. Our company is the strategic partner of Kazakhstan's largest developer, making exclusive may offer lowest prices of granite blocks and products from granites of Kazakhstan. A large volume of granite blocks from our warehouse in St. Petersburg, greatly reduces the production time of orders.

Besides that the company "Petromramor" is one of the few stone companies, which are in large volume and at affordable prices manufactures of building and finishing products of black gabbro-diabase of Grogorenko (Karelia) field. Supplies of gabbro-diabase from Karelia and large stock of raw materials, gabbro-diabase, Drugoretsky allow the consumer to quickly and for the best price to buy slabs, slabs, pedestals and other products made of black gabbro-diabase from Karelia.

If You need to quickly calculate the price for products made of natural stone, fill the short form the forward ordering Feedback.

Prices of products for the convenience of the search is presented in accordance with the scope of products to enter, click the link for information block below.

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