>Изготовление постамента из желтого гранита Жельтау

Manufacture of granite pedestal Zheltau yellow

Pedestal of granite Zheltau yellow Dzhiltau Zhiltau Zheltau    

Pedestal of the monument made ??of granite
Zheltau yellow ( Kazakhstan )

In 2013, the factory PetroMramor granite deposits Zheltau yellow pedestal of the monument was made Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich Romanov .

Granite deposit Deposit Zheltau 2 yellow granite located in Kazakhstan. Granite has a uniform pattern with a medium saturated color beige tones with a golden hue. Depending on the translation of the name of the field from the Kazakh language Zheltau products of this field can be found under the names Zhiltau , Dzhiltau , Zheltau . Most correct translation of the title of this granite on Russian language version is Zheltau.

Stone Factory PetroMramor sells finished granite tiles, stairs, window sills , columns and slabs paving of yellow and red granite Zheltau , Jalgyz ( Kapal Arasan ) Kamennogosky Dymovskiy and producer prices in St. Petersburg , as well as blocks of granite red, yellow and gray colors of Kazakhstan from a warehouse in St. Petersburg. Следующий образец Opening of the monument to Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich