>Постамент памятника из гранита Жельтау желтый

Manufacture of granite pedestal Zheltau yellow

Pedestal made of granite Zheltau yellow etc. names Dzhiltau Zhiltau Zheltau    

The monument base made of granite
Zheltau yellow (Kazakhstan)

The enterprise PetroMramor granite deposits Zheltau yellow was made in 2013 pedestal of the monument to Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich Romanov.

Used for the manufacture of memorial Kazakhstan granite deposits Deposit Zheltau 2 yellow granite.

Granite deposit Deposit Zheltau 2 yellow granite is in Zhambyl Oblast, Kazakhstan . Granite Zheltau yellow has a uniform pattern of saturated beige with a golden hue and is vysokodekorativnym natural stone. Yellow and red granite Zheltau also found under the names Zhiltau , Dzhiltau , Dzheltau.

Granites Zheltau deposits with high decorative and practical to use, are of high value, environmentally friendly building materials as low radioactivity. All Kazakhstan granites belong to the first group of radioactivity , and can be used in construction, interior and exterior decoration of residential and public buildings without restriction.

Buy granite blocks , ready to tile, stairs, window sills , monuments , columns and slabs paving of red and yellow granite deposits Zheltau vysokodekorativnogo and gray granite Jalgyz can be priced at the manufacturer of granite products PetroMramor in St. Petersburg.

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The monument to Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich
Следующий образец November 19, 2013 a monument was dedicated to the Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich