>Продажа гранитного бордюра

Sale granite curbs

Sale granite curbs
For all ogrganizatsy employed in the sector of urban development and roads, country cottage construction, and individuals involved in the modernization of their own garden plot may be useful to the company's offer "PetroMramor" buy curbs (Side stones, curb) of granite at affordable prices from our warehouse in St. Petersburg. Like all products from granite, granite curb high durability and excellent aesthetic characteristics.

In St. Petersburg, some borders are no longer the first hundred years. When performing complex repair of roads granite curbs reused. At the same time, we note that the highest aesthetic, which is combined with durability, show massive curbs, the width of which is comparable with the height greater than or her. Upper bound of such border has already expressed a decorative function, with massive border is more resistant to mechanical damage during operation.

Especially popular with consumers for decorative borders straight and curved polished and glossy surfaces used in urban development zones recreation areas, fountain complexes.

For ordinary heat-treated sawn and buchardirovannyh borders, for which the aesthetic component is a secondary use, in many cases, the determining factor when choosing a field of granite, used as raw material is the low price of the finished curbs. For this reason, for the production of granite curb the most popular granites are gray granite deposits Mansurov, Kamennogorsk and rebirth. For curbs used for decorative purposes on factors determining the choice of architect are granite color, texture, pattern, and other aesthetic properties of granite.