Discounts on windowsills and countertops made of marble and granite

The company "PetroMramor" offers you implement a successful purchase, decorate your interior window sills and countertops made of marble or granite! On the whole complex of works, ranging from metering, to manufacturing, delivery and installation are reduced prices!

Window sill or marble or granite - a great decor element, has excellent performance properties. Possessing excellent decorative properties, imposing natural material, countertops and window sills of granite and marble are the elements of the interior high functionality. Unlike artificial stone products made of natural granite and marble do not fade in the sun, do not grow old and eventually almost destroyed. When using granite, you can not be afraid of pollution, hot objects, sharp knives, spillages of oil, vinegar or wine.

Granite - a beautiful natural material that has a high resistance to thermal and chemical influences. Because of the extremely low porosity it practically does not absorb spills and they do not leave stains on it that can not be erased simply sponge with detergent. High mechanical strength protects it from scratches and chips. Polished granite is virtually maintenance free and can be easily cleaned of any contamination.